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fareall 08-30-2009 06:57 PM

Estate Top Loading Washer Grinding spin cycle (Model year 2000?)
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Hello gentlemen!

This washer has served us well and except for a bad lid switch and water level control knob that once flooded our downstairs...make that twice....we have not had any issues.


Few weeks ago starts making high pitched scratching/grinding sound while spinning but not load enough to cause too much concern.

Yesterday while entering spin cycle, the tub spins fine but starts a more distinct grinding noise. the agitator attempt to turn but starts loud clicking noise.

Checked the dogs and replaced but the problem persists.

Took of the housing and checked the coupling and it's fine.
Clutch turns along with motor.
Grinding noise seems to be coming from gear case housing but I am only 90% sure.

What do you pros think?

I removed the entire agitator and put it in spin cycle and recorded the sound of the grinding. Have a listen, please. File is attached.



richappy 08-31-2009 02:29 AM

Remove pump and motor, turn coupler clockwise till the clutch housing starts to turn. If you feal something grinding at certain periods while spinning, you probably have a bad tranny. Pull it out and do the same test, if still present, you have missing teeth in the tranny spin gear, replace tranny, or install a new nylon gear and pinion gear available on this parts site.
Tranny part # AP3096209

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