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mamabotanica 08-04-2009 08:39 PM

Washer fills with water and then nothing
I don't know how old the washer is as I got it used. It's worked fine until today. I let it fill, added soap, then I put a load of laundry in, pushed the dial in and nothing happened. I can hear a quiet noise around the dial area. When I moved the "load size" dial it added more water and then stopped when I moved it back. I changed the outlet, checked the cord. All seem fine.
I played around a little with the are that tells the washer that the lid is on. It didn't seem like it did anything so it's possible that switch is bad?

I've been doing a little browsing online to trouble shoot and it seems like I need to remove the front panel. I can't figure that out either.


mamabotanica 08-06-2009 09:32 AM

Here's some more info: Washer goes through a normal cycle, fills and drains but no agitation or spinning. took off front and top panel - pump is fine. Lid switch seems good. the motor isn't doing anything - belt looks to be in good shape but isn't moving. How do you know if it's a motor issue or a wiring issue?

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