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richappy 08-24-2011 02:42 PM

Strange Whirlpool washer
Subject washer agitated while filling up and frequently would stop, drain for a period, then start right up agitating again. No water siphoning.
This is a direct drive washer with the tub water level sensing hose going to the temperature selection device that has relays and a pc board inside of it. It has a soil level switch that acts in some strange way to set the water level, but no hose goes to it!!
Forced vinegar in the hose and problem went away.When I did that, I unplugged the washer, perhaps that re-set some computer.The washer does have an electronic board someplace in the washer. On this washer, when you push the timer knob in to stop agitating, then pull it out, it just pumps all the water out?? Apparently a "normal" action with this washer. For a while, I thought I was having a strange nightmare!
Hope someone has seen this before.

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