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Taking some tips from this post : http://forum.appliancepartspros.com/...procedure.html Symptom : water on the floor during wash cycle - progressively getting

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Thumbs up Replace the LG Bellows Drain hose
Model Number: LG Front Loader   Brand: -other-   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Taking some tips from this post :
LG Washer Pump Replacement Procedure

Symptom : water on the floor during wash cycle - progressively getting worse.

Solution : replace the bellows drain hose from the bottom of the tub due to a leak in the 6 year old hose. Attack the problem from the rear of the machine so as not to have to disassemble the drum, electronics, etc.

Tools needed :

You also need a good flashlight - it's DARK under there.

Step 1:Unplug the washer, turn off the water and pull it away from the wall.

Step 2: STOP - Did you unplug the washer and shut off the water supply lines. Remove the drain access cover, pull the drain hose out, pull the plug out of the end of the hose and drain the tub into a towel or a dish. There will still be a lot of water in the system but draining it helps

Step 3: Remove the four screws holding the rear plate of the washer to reveal the back of the drum. THIS is what we are going to replace - it is under the drum and connects the lower drain to the drain pump in the fron of the washer.

Step 4: Remove the small diameter black hose from the white drain connector. It simply pulls out as it is not under pressure – no clamps or clips needed.

Step 5: Unscrew thePhillips head screw holding the top of the drain hose – this makes things easier – and the second Phillips screw you can just back out (no need to remove it) and slide the top of the drain hose off. Remove the spring clamp using a pair of channel locks and slide the hose off the drain connector. Place the connector to the side.

Step 6: loosen the retaining ring surrounding the outlet at the bottom of the drum using a Phillipshead screwdriver. You need to loosen it enough to slide if off the mount.

Step 7: Remove the spring clamp in the front of the machine (that connects to the pump) using your channellocks again. And then remove the old bellows hose assembly.

Step7a: I wanted to see what my issue was so I took the time to inspect the hose and I found the hole that was the culprit. 6 years and hundreds of washes and the hose split at the seam.

Step 8: Prepare the new hose by transferring all the clamps from the original hose. Take care in sliding the hose into the front spring clamp – BTW - reattaching this is a nightmare.

Note: if I were to do it again I would have used a screw/band hose clamp and ditched the spring clamp completely. I wasted over 30 minutes fighting to get the hose and clamp onto the pump inlet port. 20/20 hindsight would have saved me a ton of aggravation. I ended up using the needle nose locking pliers to keep the clamp open while I slid the hose onto the pump inlet port and then released the clamp when done – major league PITA – but I did not want to deal with removing the entire front of the washer since I did not have the spring pliers to put the rubber drum gasket back on.

Step 9: Working in reverse put the hoses back – starting with the pump in the front of the machine –attach and tighten the clamp, then the main drain mount and finally the white drain connector – HINT – wet the inside of the hose and the white plastic piece and they will slide together much easier. Rotate the drain connector to be sure that you can align the screw holes in the back of the drum. Attach the springclamp.

Step 10: Run a full empty cycle through the washer to be sure that the hoses are tight and properlyconnected. Assuming no leaks - put the back plate back on using the 4 screws you removed in step 3.

Parts : $10
Time : 1 hour (should have been 1/2 that due to front spring clamp challanges)

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