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marie93 05-10-2011 06:06 PM

My Washing Machine Won't Start.
I live in an apartment, and my washing machine had issues a few days ago. The issue was that when I pushed the timer knob in and twisted it, the knob was lose and just spun. But when I would twist the base of the knob, and pull out the loose part of it, the washing machine would start.

We called the maintenance guys to fix the washer knob. We didn't think it would take long, but 4 days later they come and take the current knob to see the product number or something like that. 7 days later they finally have the new knob.

The maintenance guy comes in and installs the knob and leaves without testing it. I test it out myself and the knob works fine, but now the washing machine won't start. After my mother calling the office numerous times and them not responding or trying to help us, now I don't know how long it will take.

I don't know what exactly is causing the washer to not start. I tried using a different outlet for the power, and that had no affect.

We think that he may have just put it in wrong.

Could someone tell me how to properly uninstall the knob for the washer? My mom will end up fixing it herself.

Thank you.

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