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rhta8702 04-05-2011 05:28 PM

Is this a washer MCU problem?
My sister has a Whirlpool clothes washer like mine. Hers is 1 year older. The F2 code comes on. I checked the pump. Spotless. checked the pressure tube. Also clean. Tried replacing the pressure sensor. Made no difference. Machine works properly on 1st load, then next load (no matter how small-1 towel-) won't work. Sometimes can manage to get machine to work on Spin/Drain, sometimes not. Is this an Motor Control Unit problem? If not, any ideas on how to fix or what to look for?

sidfink43 04-06-2011 06:30 PM

First check all the wiring from the pump to the CCU. Probably not the problem, but its a free fix.

I would then try replacing the pump. If that does not fix things, the CCU is next. Yes, I know this sounds like trying parts to see what fixes it, but that is what is being done with these units.

If you buy the parts from this site and they do not fix the problem you can return them, see the Returns Policy for details and conditions.

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