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tapioca 12-12-2010 02:52 AM

Whirlpool Washer clutch
I want to replace the clutch, pump, and agitator dogs. 2 out of 3 I'm ok. I have found 2 clutch part numbers, and can't find out if they are interchangeable, or different. The part numbers are 285785, and 3953062. The latter is listed as "heavy duty" which is what I would like if it fits. Are they actually different, and will either work in my machine? Going by appearance, they both look the same in the part listings. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

sidfink43 12-13-2010 07:02 PM

Get this part here and you should be all set.

Part number: AP3094537

Part number: AP3094537

If you have any doubts, call in the order and confirm with the sales person.

richappy 12-14-2010 02:45 AM

The part 3953062 is a 6 pad clutch, the other a 3 pad. Whirlpool went with the 3 pad to save their butt as problems with cheap brake shoes jamming caused expensive warranty repairs to replace motors and couplers. Now the clutch just slips a lot when there are problems, but wears out real fast.
If you are sure the brake shoes are "good", I would go with the 6 pad clutch as it will last longer. You can check the brake shoes by referring to my sticky "Replacing direct drive washer brake shoes"

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