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Confused1976 11-26-2010 03:21 PM

Loud roaring and unbalanced GE front loader
Hello all, I'm having 2 issue's with my washer and need some help.

First it has been making a super loud roaring/squeeling noise when in spin cycle no matter what size load it has. This washer is only 3 years old. This issue started about a year ago, and it broke the belt after awhile. So I replaced the belt and found that the wheel was loose/wobbly. I tried to tighten the nut but it is as tight as you can get it and the wheel still wobbles. This causes the belt to slip off after a few weeks of useage. I've found the replacement NUT and the kit which is the NUT & WHEEL. But I'm wondering if the unbalanced issue is the cause of the wobbling wheel?? We have to stop the washer and adjust the load then restart it. I have it 100% Level with both a laser Level and then a standard level. The washer is an awseome unit and I want to get it fixed. Could the nut have worn out?? Or maybe the wheel ?? Could the shocks be worn out and started the chain of effects ?? Any info would be great thanks.

sidfink43 11-28-2010 04:51 PM

Yes this is a great machine when it works, but it is a complex, highly fragile, poorly made product and prone to innumerable failures, most of which are difficult and expensive to fix.

You will need to open it up and check things out, here is a service manual from a similar machine that may help.

31-9135 GE Front Load Washer Service Manual -

Look for some internal structural damage.

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