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Hello, I am having some issues with my Kenmore front-loader washer (model 110.47512600). I have been using this washer without

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Default Kenmore HE2+ F28, F22, F24, F21, F34 Error Code
Model Number: 110.47512600   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I am having some issues with my Kenmore front-loader washer (model 110.47512600). I have been using this washer without any issues for about four years.
A couple of days ago, my wife put a full load in the washer (clothes, bedding sheets, and a rug). Towards the end of the rinse cycle (6 mins to complete) the washer stop turning and is idle. The timer does not countdown nor does the washer do anything so my wife pressed the stop button and tried to end the wash cycle. She tried to remove the clothes from the washer, but the door was locked. I removed the plug and attempted to open the door without any luck.
I was searching online and found a service manual. I managed to open the door manually and perform a diagnostic test and got the following codes:
F28 (Serial comm. error bet MCU & CCU)
F22 (Door lock error)
F24 (Water temp sensor error)
F21 (Long drain)
F34 (Load inside drum during cleaning washer cycle)

I attempted to start the washer again. The washer sits idling and the counter doesn’t count down. Also, the door is locked even when I press the stop button. If I press the stop button twice the “add a garment” light blinks and the door locked light is still lit. The washer stays frozen, and I can’t do anything. I have to manually open the door to unlock it.

Actions I have taken to remedy the problem:
1) Removed the drain filter and got all the water including some debris (paperclip, coins, dirt, etc) out of the washer and filter.
2) Tested the door switch and found that the resistance was different from the manual
a. DL3 – pin 2&3 – 60 ohms
b. DL3 – pin 1&3 – 118 ohms (suppose to be 60 ohms)
c. DS2 – door closed – 0 ohms
d. DS2 – door open – infinite
3) Tested resistance on pressure switch, line filter, drain pump, temp sensor, and drive motor with readings within tolerance.
The question I have is if the door switch will clear the error codes I have listed above. The only error I am concerned with is the F28. I feel the CCU or the MCU might be the culprit. Is there a way to check that the CCU or the MCU is faulty? If I need to replace one of these units, I am thinking about buying one of the older style washers. These new front loaders are high tech, difficult to troubleshoot, and expensive to fix if broken. Let me know what you guys think. I would like to hear your suggestions and opinions. Thanks!

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