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bivind 10-31-2010 12:39 PM

Frigidaire gallery ftf2140fs error E41, which control panel to replace?
I have a three year old Frigidaire gallery front load washer that stopped operating. Will fill with water, then fail with error E41, door latch open. It clicks a few times before starting the agitation, drain, or spin - then stops. I replaced the door switch (cheapest option), checked connections at the control on the front/top - still doesn't work.

The repair instructions end with "replace control board". When I look at the parts list for the washer, I can see two control boards - one near the top/front (where the lights/push buttons are located) and another near the bottom/back (left side, facing unit). Which is the one that I have to replace - or is there another?

AP4354654 Part Details - FRIGIDAIRE CONTROL BOARD, part number: AP4354654


AP3891780 Part Details - FRIGIDAIRE CONTROL BOARD, part number: AP3891780

denman 11-01-2010 05:00 AM

Here are your parts
Replacement parts for ftf2140fs models |

And the tech sheet

And a manual

The board in the back is the motor control board.
The one you want is AP4354654.

bivind 11-05-2010 11:40 AM

Thanks. Replaced the control board and found that it was causing the issue. The door lock assembly was fine. Failure was probably caused by a power surge. Will ensure that this unit is plugged into a surge protector this time. Did four loads after replacement.

Edit 11/7: Still having the same issue, again. New door lock switch. New control board. What is left? I am beginning to think that is washer is a piece of junk. Three days after doing some loads after replacing the control board and door lock switch. Two washers (nearly same model) haven't lasted ten years between them (broken spider arm on the first, now electronics on the second). I would just replace it with a top loader (no electronics) but the redesign of the laundry room (units are currently under counter) is too expensive.

bivind 11-07-2010 07:15 AM

Checking the error message provides what I think is an E41 (all lights including start flash four times with tone -- single start light flashes once). I tried to put the unit in service mode to exercise each of the nine steps but can't even get the first one to work - control/lights click on and off with beeps.

bivind 11-29-2010 12:56 PM

The correction!!! (always check your sources...)
After not being able to correct the washer with the replacement door lock switch and control board, I decided to give up and replace the washer. Packed up the purchased parts for a return, put the originals back in the washer, moved it to another location in the laundry room. Wanting to show the issue to a buddy who was thinking about taking it off my hands for his shot at a repair, I successfully washed three full loads without a problem. The only difference between when the washer worked and didn't was where it was plugged in.

Turns out that my laundry room has outlets on different circuits -- one dedicated to the washer and dryer and another that services some lights and outlets. A check of the outlet that the washer normally uses indicated a voltage a bit over 130 vac. After turning off the circuit at the board, the voltage was still a little over 5 vac. Tracing the line to the source indicated a break in the circuit box for the common line (probably caused by an initial stress while bending the line when the house was built -- finally decided to break and burn off a little insulation). Correcting the connections in the breaker box brought the voltage back to around 120 vac, making the board happy again.

The gas dryer on the same circuit didn't show any issues since it doesn't have a control board. The board was obviously getting a little too much voltage to handle so was freaking out a times. Not enough excessive voltage to fry the board, but just enough to confuse it.

During my analysis of the washer, I never checked the source voltage, only checked within the washer itself.

denman 11-29-2010 03:20 PM


That was a great bit of detective work.

That problem in the line could have cost you a small fortune in the future depending on the type of appliance you put on it.

And thanks for getting back to us. Now when others search for a similar problem they will see what actually worked instead of just suggestions about what could be the cause.

It is these weird ones that can drive people around the bend.

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