What are these parts left over?


Washer Repair

. "

In replacing the coupling, two parts fell out, pins about 3" long and pointed at one end, with a small

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Default What are these parts left over?
Model Number: 11091554210   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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In replacing the coupling, two parts fell out, pins about 3" long and pointed at one end, with a small hole on the pointed end. The pin is flat on the other end. It looks like some kind of a stop pin, but I don't see ANYPLACE that they seem to belong. The parts diagram that came with the washer does not show the two parts anywhere.

I need to try the washer out, but am concerned that it will go berzerk. Anyone have any ideas what these pins are?


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These are JUST shipping pins, Through the pins in the TRASH CAN!!!! And start doing the LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!
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