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Hi. This model clothes washer will not drain the water after the cleaning cycle. I can drain it manually into

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Default Drain Pump in Odd Place
Model Number: LA5300XMNO   Brand: Whirlpool   Age: More than 10 years   

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Hi. This model clothes washer will not drain the water after the cleaning cycle. I can drain it manually into a bucket and then the spin cycle works. From your site and a few others I have perused, the diagnosis seems to be a bad drain pump. It is either jammed or history. However the pump is not right in the back by the one 14" x 14" opening nor does the top come off like any of the other models. I have had to unhook every single wire harness ect and to make a long story short, the pump is on the left side of the washer with absolutely no way to access the thing unless, it appears, that I sit it on its' side and even then I won't have a clear view of it. Do I have to take this apart piece by piece to get to that pump? There is no access panel on the left side. There was a rubberry smell when the washer wouldn't drain. There are no water or oil leaks. The lid switch clicks just fine also. I'm pretty sure it is the pump because the belt looks almost brand new amazingly. How the heck do I get to that pump? Do I need to keep going? Sheesh I'll have the whole thing disassembled. Oh and there is no place to hold the panel up either and I had to completely remove that which included a wiring harness, a vacuum tube and a ground wire. Is there something I am unaware of? I'm a carpenter and "put a nail in it" just won't work! I hope my problem is clear and I really appreciate your time. Thanks!

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You need to lay the washer on it's face, remove the back panel, remove the belt, and check the pump, probably stuck.
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