Front load washer seal retains water = mildew, slime, smell


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When a load is completed, the accordion-like seal will still have about 3/4 cup of the wash/rinse water still sitting

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Default Front load washer seal retains water = mildew, slime, smell
Model Number: 417 44052400   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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When a load is completed, the accordion-like seal will still have about 3/4 cup of the wash/rinse water still sitting in the rubber seal. If I don't use a towel to soak up this water after EVERY load, the washer develops a mildew smell and slime begins forming on the seal where the water is sitting. If I allow a washed load to sit in the basin for 1-2 hours, the sitting clothes take on the smell and have to be rewashed. Since the drainage holes in the accordian-like seal are located only on one side and are at the high point of the seal's folds, the water below this does not drain and still remains in the other "valleys". I have checked for clear drainage holes and hoses, and run bleach and vinegar through the wash. When I leave the door open between loads, the slime still forms as it takes days for 3/4 cup of water to evaporate. Plus leaving the door open in a busy hallway is not feasible. Has this seal been recalled or is there some other solution?

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Default Try a Small Amount of Bleach

This is one of the the drawbacks to front-loading machines. I would recommend coating the gasket with a little bleach. You may also need to wipe out the gasket every couple of days.

If the odor in the machine continues, you can puchase a product call OdorGone that can be run through the machine. This will get rid of the musty smell.

Michael Lee
Thor Appliance Company
Thor: Washer Dryer Combo & Ventless Dryers
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Default Poked holes in bottom on seal?

What if I were to cut holes into the bottom four "gullies" of the seal? Remember that the rubber seal is formed like an accordion, so there are high points and low points, and the original drainage holes are positioned on one side of the seal above the high point range.
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Please do not do that.
Although I am not familiar with this washer the boot (seal) may only be of single thickness in the area you are talking about and holes in it could lead to water in the bottom of the washer and over your floor.
Please wait and see if any of the more experienced technicians know if your boot is on correctly.
It does seem odd that the drain holes are on the upper side and away from the bottom
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