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Doyle Estoll 08-29-2010 05:02 PM

Maytag stops in mid cycle
Maytag Depenable Care LAT8706AAM, serial number 11170651SD

It would stop mid cycle and you could push in then pull on the timer knob and it would try to start, start or do nothing. A lot of the times it would be at the drain cycle before the spin or the spin cycle. I replaced the timer.
First cycle out of the bag it did it again. If you lift the lid up and drop it hard it will try to start, start or do nothing. You can not just open the lid and close it. It has to be dropped hard. You can hear the lid switch clicking like it is making contact when you open and close the lid. My wife informed me that she could do this to make it work sometimes before the switch was replaced.
Did I waste my money on the timer? Is it a switch or a bad ground?

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