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bonnieh04 08-29-2010 02:47 PM

Will not Drain - Cleaned out drain boot
Have had this machine since 6/07 with no problems - worked very well up until now! I got the error code E23 when I pressed the start/pause buttons and it says "Drain Pump Relay on Control Board Failed.... Replace Control Board" So I cleaned out the boot just in case I could get away with an easy fix (not that it was all that easy!) but it will not drain. When it gets to rinse cycle it buzzes loudly and my husband said that it that the buzzing seems to be coming from the drain pump - that it is vibrating when it buzzes. I am concerned that I will have control board replaced and it will actually be the drain pump!? Are the codes reliable? Is it vibrating the pump because the buzzer mechanism is near it? How hard is it to replace the control board? Any help is appreciated!!:)

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