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george747 06-08-2010 04:04 PM

Did I fix It?
Reposted since I had the Model number incorrect. Bought the PSI23SGNA new 8 years ago. Yesterday it quit cooling and temp climbed in both compatrments. Evap fan seems to be working & lights too. Saved food and went on web to find possible solutions. I tried some things but also found more questions during my research.

One place suggested tapping he relays to see if one was stuck. I got a spark and a click but I was concerned so unplugged refer.

I wasn't sure of the muthaboard # so decided to take it out in case I had to order one.

I vacuumed all and remembered a problem with my GE Profile Dishwasher a few months ago. I took the board out to get the numbers on it and then reseated it. IT WORKED. I was wondering if simply removing & reseating the cables would solve the problem.

Anyway, my refer seems to be cooling again. The compressor is on and selecting various modes causes the internal vent doors to cycle. We'll see how long.

Here's my question: Does this model have a self diagnostic mode? I found one for a GE SBS but it didn't seem to work with mine.

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