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blkfin 02-21-2010 06:52 AM

GE Monogram ZIS 48D Freezer help

First let me thank everyone who contributes here, I have in the past been able to find great solutions.

Now, for what my issiue is. I have a ge monogram ZIS 48D around 10 yrs old. We have been having issues with the evaperation tube getting clogged. I have since fixed it by running a new tube out the back down to a pan underneath the fridge. That seems to help greatly (note: yiu need to put a "T" in the line pointing up to release any pressure that the virtacle drop my induce.)

My problem now is the fan that sits behind the panel behind the icemaker is not blowing. The light to the freezer is working and it appears to be inseries for power. I have put a meter on the clips for the fan and have no power reading. I have taped the 3 control switches in the "closed door" postion so the light and fan would work properly.

Any insite would be appreciated.



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