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gtslabs 02-11-2010 06:41 PM

Jenn-Air not freezing after power outage/spike
We had a power outage for 4 days and some possible spikes form generator. Some bulbs in house were blown. Unit bought in 2002.
Refrigerator compartment is cool and freezer is warm. Settings are on max cold.
Condenser coils are clean. Condenser fan is turning. No ice buildup.
Compressor (Embraco EGY 100HLP) is very warm to the touch. Lower copper tube is warm, upper is not cold but slightly cool. Compressor sounds like it is idling (dont remember how it should sound).

Components look solid state so not sure how to test with my multimeter.

I unplugged for for 10 minutes. Lower part of freezer it trying to cool as some frost is acumulating on back panel. Slight air flow from vent.
Vent at ice maker at top of freezzer is not cool at all. no air flow from this vent. Refrig still not cooling.

What can I test? Any thoughts on problem?

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