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rcatty 02-06-2010 09:04 AM

GE Monogram Side by side noisy damper door
The damper door, about the size of a playing deck card, makes a clicking/vibrating noise for about 5 seconds when that door opens. This door opens to let cold air into the frig from the freezer side. This noise started about 1-2 months ago, and remains consistent, and constant. There is no decrease in the cooling capacity of the freezer or frig. Indeed, everything appears to be operating properly, other than this vibrating noise. The other day, while cleaning the refrigerator, I actually observed the door vibrating after it opened, so I know where it is coming from. There are no obstructions anywhere, and the door itself appears to be solid and hinged properly. Any ideas?

camRefer 04-23-2010 04:34 AM

You need to replace the damper or whole QC assy....The noise indicates that the damper gear is stripping. Once the damper fails you'll likely start getting temp problems in the FF (too Cold) or dispense issues with the water tank getting frozen (this is if it fails open). Also, you food in the pans will freeze.

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