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estickgold 01-28-2010 05:24 PM

Fresh food door swings too easily and too far
I have a GE Profile side-by-side refrigerator whose fresh food door has started to swing too easily and too far. It no longer behaves the way it used to, or the way the freezer door behaves.

I'm looking for some confirmation of the solution I think I have and also for some guidance on ordering parts.

From what I gather it sounds like the fresh food lower door hinge cam assembly has failed. I'm thinking this for three reasons: playing with the leveling doesn't seem to help, the door had been working fine before, and various postings on the Internet for similar situations seem to converge on this being the problem.

So I have two questions.

1. Am I likely to be right, and, if so,

2. Could you tell me which parts to order? I can see four parts in the Fresh Food door diagram and parts list (Fresh food door replacement parts for General Electric PSF26NGNACC Refrigerator | that seem to be in the correct area. They are labeled 12, 16, 904 and 912. But each label, except for #904 (which seems to be a screw: "Part Number: AP3995821 made by GE"), refers to two or three different part numbers. I see no way of figuring out which, if any, are the correct part numbers to order.

Help :confused:

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