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sufax 01-22-2010 07:56 AM

Kitchenaid click buzz click every few minutes
Our fridge/freezer is making a click-buzzzzzzzz-click sound every couple of minutes. The food in the freezer is beginning to thaw. The Fridge "seems" to be cold enough, but I guess that might be wishful thinking.

The fan runs constantly. I don't hear the compressor kicking on, but then I never really heard it before either. The unit is in it's own cabinet and is usually very quiet.

When I turn the freezer cold control to off, the fan stops and the click-buzzzzz-click stops as well.

Can someone tell me what the most likely causes might be?

Thanks much,

sufax 01-22-2010 10:16 AM

I have removed the overload and the capacitor (1/2x2x1 in black box?) from the compressor. I shook it to see if anything sounded loose inside, and nothing does. I reconnected them and plugged the fridge back in and the compressor kicked on.

It has only been about 1/2 hr, but no more click-buzzzz-click and the compressor seems to working. The ice that I left in there seems to be re-freezing.

My question now is do I asssume that the overload is bad and just replace it, or could something else be failing and the fact that I disconnected the overload made the compressor kick back on temporarily?

Thanks for any advice,

sufax 01-25-2010 07:49 AM

The fridge/freezer has been working perfectly for three days since I removed the capacitor and the overload/relay, shook them a bit and reinstalled them. I'm pleased that I was able to get it working so quickly and without replacing any parts.

I am concerned that something must have caused the problem in the first place. Does anyone have an opinion on what that might have been?

I appreciate any help I can get,

sufax 02-04-2010 05:20 AM

Click buzz again 2 weeks later
2 weeks after I "fixed" it, the click/buzz/click has returned. Does this sound like the overload going bad, or the capacitor going bad? Is it at all likely that the compressor could be going bad on a 3 yr old unit, or is there a different likely cause for this problem to come back?

Thanks for any help,

Qtip 02-04-2010 08:58 PM

replacing the start relay/overload will fix that problem

sufax 02-05-2010 03:25 PM


I appreciate the help. I replaced the relay/overload and everything is working again.

Thank you very much,

Qtip 02-05-2010 06:01 PM

Hey no problem, glad to hear its up and running again

sufax 02-06-2010 04:50 AM

relay/overload wasn't the problem?
Well, after replacing the relay/overload the fridge ran fine for about 6 hours. Then the click/buzz/click came back and the compressor stopped working. I did not replace the capacitor, because my parts store did not have it in stock and the parts guy told me can't remember ever seeing one go bad.

I turned the freezer cold control to off and left it that way overnight. I turned it back on this morning, and it seems to be working again. I put a cup of water in the freezer and I had ice in less than an hour.

Would a bad capacitor create this type of behavior, or could something else be causing it?

I appreciate the help very much,

Qtip 02-06-2010 08:14 PM

Strange, i apologize if i gave you bad advice i thought that would fix it for sure. i think this problem is beyond my knowledge but was the replacement part obtained using the model number or was it a generic start relay?

sufax 02-06-2010 08:27 PM

Using the model number. It is an exact OEM part made by Whirlpool. I did not replace the capacitor, I used the old one.

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