My Fridge freezes everything in Fridge. Freezer is fine


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My GE side by side fridge keeps freezing everything in fridge. I dont know why? Thermostats are set to 5.

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Old 12-31-2009, 01:50 PM
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Default My Fridge freezes everything in Fridge. Freezer is fine
Model Number: gss25rgmabb   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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My GE side by side fridge keeps freezing everything in fridge. I dont know why? Thermostats are set to 5. i have the electronic type on top offridge door when you open it.

Some people say: Air Damper, some say thermostat.

How do i verify?

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There is a damper in the air duct that should close when the temperature in the fresh food section gets cold enough. It is common for the damper to break causing air to continuously flow into the fresh food section.
Part Details - GE Damper assembly, fresh food inlet cover kit, part number: AP3775595

Unfortunately you can’t really tell for sure if it is broke or not without taking the duct off. You have to remove all the shelves to remove the duct.

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Old 08-24-2010, 10:01 AM
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Default GE new refrigerator problem freezing food GSHF5KGXBCCC

I got a GE New refrigerator and sometimes it freezes food Eggs and water etc. Called GE about 5 times and was told by tech many times I am waisting his time. He sees frozen broken eggs said he doesn't know why. said I can't keep it in a container from another refrigerator for eggs. Told me to keep my eggs else where in the refriggerator. My ice cubes from the door comes out slushy at times and then the whole thing freezes in a clump. I live in the east coast and don't use ice cubes after sept. till July really but at times even my cold tea has ice in the bottom of the container in the refrigerator. GE changed my settings a few times. I was told by them that THEY CAN'T FIX WHAT THEY DON'T SEE. Well they are not here when it happens. I am a senior and there is no children here. I know how to fill a refrigerator and freezer and this has never happened to me before this GE. What to do? Is this happening to other people? I would like to know if GE has a problem they really are hiding. Should there be a class action regarding what they are doing. I have this refrigerator some time now and nothing has been done. It just happened to me again. my model is GSHF5KGXBCCC. Is this happening to you? Please reply. Maybe GE gas a problem and the tech knows about it and doesn't want to bother to come here and do nothing when maybe he knows GE has a problem he can't fix. The temp is correct when he gets here and tests it. I have a clump of ice in my freezer and sometimes I then end up with ice all over my freezer. The ice then keeps making Ice cubes and goes all over. GE also made this freezer with a shelf that goes over the ice cubes that I can't pull out myself at all even trying hard. The tech insists in it having to be put in the way intended it to. but now when I need to stop the machine from making ice I can't even do this myself. can't pull out this shelf. You have to swarch your fingers into a space it doesn';t fit and try to grab it at the same time and it is very hard to then pull out this shelf in the freezer that fits in tight and frozen when you have not to good ability to grab it. I got 2 fingers in and had trouble getting it out. Tried pulling the shelf out while my fingers were in also ffigured I need to try before trying to get my fingers out because I would only have to try it again. And couldn't hardly got my fingers out. real hard just to do that. What happens if I couldn't get my fingers out and I am at the freezer.
I feel I am waisting my time and GEs not getting results. I should get a new refrigerator from GE and so should everying that has had a new frig. from GE and has not been able to solve this problem. Is it possible to ask for a new frigerator from GE. They see nothing wrong. I DO.. thanks for reading this. Is there something for appliances like for cars - I remember a lemon law. does this apply for refrigerators? GE used to be good. this is not.
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Old 08-24-2010, 03:30 PM
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To get your model number to come up I had to change it to GSH25KGMBCC. If this is not your model number ignore this answer unless the first three numbers of the serial number is AA2-DZ2.

GE had a problem with excessive moisture leaking into the refrigerator due to faulty doors. This will cause the ice to stick together. GE is very aware of this problem. The only way to repair this is to replace the doors. They had a kit but it never repaired the problem.

If you do in fact have a model with the moisture issue you have one of the worst GE refrigerators. This is hard for me to say because I am more or less a GE guy. Now with that issue taken care of there refrigerator is just as good as anything else out there. Unfortunately they had a bad run.

As for the eggs freezing this shouldn’t have anything to do with the moisture issue. If you are keeping the eggs toward the bottom of the refrigerator it could be due to poor airflow. When airflow is blocked things at the bottom if the fresh food section can freeze. If there is nothing wrong with the refrigerator things can freeze that are right at the air-duct.

Sometimes GE will give you a discount on a new refrigerator if the one you have is giving a lot of problems. They will give you a new on free if they (GE Tech support and your tech) deem your refrigerator non-repairable. With that being said if you do have one if the model I am talking about it is so old they most likely will not do anything. Even though this is a factory defect.

I will not say that they will not break down but GE has a good refrigerator now.

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