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moogles 11-28-2009 10:29 AM

Bad Control Board? Or Defrost Thermostat? Or nothing?
Hi. Great website. Trying to figure out which component to replace -- or if I ned to replace anything at all. Here's the story:

I had the classic cold freezer, warm fridge problem with ice buildup in the back of the freezer. I defrosted by unplugging and letting everything melt. A couple weeks later the problem returned. So, following a tip on this website, I ran the Forced Defrost Mode from the control panel. Since then everything has been working fine -- defrosting occurs regularly. It's been a few days. I have yet to reinstall the back panel and the ice maker in the freezer. Other than that everything is normal.

However, I recently ran the Defrost Thermostat and Defrost Circuit Test. It showed the 1 -- S code indicating "Defrost Thermostat Shorted (Closed)." All other tests, such as for the thermistors, came back ok.

So, what's going on? Did the Forced Defrost process fix something? Is my thermostat coming and going? Is my board coming and going? Thanks!

denman 11-29-2009 05:00 AM


Please see the following thread

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