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djharv 11-12-2009 06:48 AM

Whirlpool Refrigerator water dispenser not working
The water dispenser is not working. Our grandsons ran the water dispenser for an extended period of time and it is no longer working. The water to the ice maker is still working and when I bypass the small switch for the water dispenser nothing happens. Also, all connections on the front panel seem okay. I've contacted the parts people on this website and there is no seperate solenoid valve for the water, so I'm asking if anyone knows if there are any other electrical controls/ parts in the water dispenser control circuit that could of failed when our grandsons ran the water continuously. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW, 3 year old twin boys can get into a lot of trouble if not watched closely but still are wonderful when you don't have to raise them.

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