Water leaking inside and outside


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. "

Over the last few months, water started dripping into the icemaker and making the ice cubes freeze into a large

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Default Water leaking inside and outside
Model Number: TBX18ZIXKRAA   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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Over the last few months, water started dripping into the icemaker and making the ice cubes freeze into a large sheet where I had to beat them and break them into cubes to use them. Since everything else was working, I put off the issue until two days ago when water started leaking from the bottom of the refrigerator.

The water was leaking from the plastic tube that leaves the water inlet valve on the way to the top of the fridge in back. It seemed loose so I took it off and screwed it back on the compression fitting til it was tight. It lasted a few cycles and then started leaking again.

Does this sound like the valve leaking? Or something else?

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