Auger Motor keeps freezing


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Hello! I have seen a very similar question posted but I haven't had any luck finding the part for my

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Default Auger Motor keeps freezing
Model Number: PSS27NGMCBB   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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I have seen a very similar question posted but I haven't had any luck finding the part for my specific ice maker. We have a GE Profile Arctica Model # PSS27NGMCBB.

We just recently replaced the ice maker motor and it is now finally making ice. Our local appliance repair store suggested that we may need to replace the auger motor but suggested that we try thawing it out first to see if that would correct the problem. It did indeed correct the problem (temporarily!) and we were even able to get ice to come out of the dispenser but the auger motor seems to continue refreezing. I called our local appliance store again to see if they could further troubleshoot but unfortunately the person I spoke with was not much help and suggested that we have a repair technician come out. With the refrigerator being as old as it is we really don't want to pay to have a technician come out but figured we would try asking for help on this forum. Over the past couple of days, it did defrost on its own and we were able to get it to dispense ice but it is very sporadic when it does actually work.

We have read that it may need a new thermistor which I plan to order and try but I have also read that we may need an auger boot cover. Unfortunately I have not been able to find that specific part for our model. I was able to find the thermistor. Can anyone please give us further direction or advice?

Thank you in advance!!

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