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This problem cycles about every two months. The Samsung fridge is the type with French doors on top and a

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Default Water Collection in Fridge Under Deli Tray
Model Number: F265ABWP/XAA   Brand: Samsung   Age: More than 10 years   

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This problem cycles about every two months. The Samsung fridge is the type with French doors on top and a large freezer drawer on bottom. Water will eventually collect under the deli tray that spans the entire width of the bottom of the fridge compartment. Sometimes it will create sheets of ice there.

I have inspected the freezer compartment, and I don't see anything abnormal. I've read that some models have a drain plug in the bottom, but I don't see one here.

I have noticed that the back wall of the fridge compartment that has ports milled out of it. I can see ice sometimes in those ports. I once used a hair dryer on that area to try and melt the ice.

This seems to be some sort of evaporation issue. I don't know if there is a failure of a mechanical part somewhere, or if I should go for an extended shut down / defrost in order to see if all that ice in that strip would melt.

Thanks in advance for any workflows to test or solve this issue.

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