Brand new evaporator motor and board burnt out


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Hi. Iím new to this forum trying to find help for the problem I describe below. My GE Fridge is

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Default Brand new evaporator motor and board burnt out
Model Number: GS25KGRBBB   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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Hi. Iím new to this forum trying to find help for the problem I describe below. My GE Fridge is a DSS25KGRBBB side-by-side and is 14 yrs old.

About 2 weeks ago, we noticed the freezer section not being as cold as before with food starting to thaw and ice to melt. I observed the evap fan spinning very slowly - I thought too slow to pull sufficient air through the evap coils. You could barely feel any air coming out the vents. I checked the evap coils and they werenít iced up so blockage was not a reason for the low air flow. (Also please note that I changed the defrost thermostat, defrost heater and all 4 thermistors in the unit around 1 year ago as we were having issues with the evaporator icing up).

I checked the main board and it looked fine so I decided to replace the evap motor (WR60X100074). Upon turning the unit back on the fan was spinning fast (like I remember it doing) and the fridge and freezer worked fine for 1 week before the temp started to rise again at which point I noticed the evap fan was not coming on at all and upon checking the main board found the upper of the 2 fairly large resistors burnt out. I removed the 1-week old evap motor and found it to be burnt out (using an external DC source). With the board being the original 14 yr old one I decided to change it along with the burnt evap motor and I also changed the evap thermistor to be on the safe side - so all 3 parts were now brand new.

I re-installed everything and all was working fine - fan spinning strongly, freezer cold, ice maker working great, etc. This morning (so 5 days later) I woke up to find food in the freezer thawing again and the evap fan not coming on at all. I then checked the main board to find that the same resistor that had burnt on the original board had burned on this one too. Arghhhh!! I have not had the chance to check the evap motor but Iím quite sure Iím gonna find it was burned out just like the previous one.

So having changed the evap motor, thermistor and the board, I am totally stumped as to how the board and the motor have again burned out. And prior to all this happening, in the 14 years Iíve had the unit Iíve never had any issues with the evap fan.

Greatly looking forward to some expert opinions on this.

Many thanks in advance...

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