suddently both freezer and frig above 40 degrees


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My last refrigerator ran for over 20 years. Now my frig just went from never a single issue to opening

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Default suddently both freezer and frig above 40 degrees
Model Number: 10673192302   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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My last refrigerator ran for over 20 years. Now my frig just went from never a single issue to opening the freezer last night and finding my food thawing. I've had the freezer filled to the gills since thanksgiving with bargains I found. Now those bargains may have killed my refrigerator. I cleaned the front coils before bed but woke up today to a warmer frig. I unplugged and replugged. I nearly emptied out the freezer. Fan is still blowing cold air, no frost on side panels, motor still running (though I've not heard the occassional thunk I am used to hearing on a daily basis --I read that it's a compressor screw and not an issue). Outside of refrigerator on side panels are still cool to the touch. I borrowed a friend's appliance thermometer and freezer reads 40 and refrigerator 44. It's a 10 day wait for Sears repairman. I'm single, unemployed and quite broke. I spent $900 on this freezer top frig about 10 years ago. It's $89 for diagnosis. I can't decipher what's wrong with it based on what I've read on the internet. I don't know whether to wait for repair and hope it is a small ticket fix or to shop for a new one. Any ideas of what part it is and what it might cost?

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