Thought is was bad capacitor but I can't find one


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I have an old Sears Coldspot freezer that was given to me. Worked great until recently when it quit. When

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Default Thought is was bad capacitor but I can't find one
Model Number: 106723201   Brand: Sears   Age: More than 10 years   

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I have an old Sears Coldspot freezer that was given to me. Worked great until recently when it quit. When I plug it in there is a faint click (relay sounding) then it buzzes until I unplug it (with another faint click). I was thinking it was a start capacitor problem so I went looking for it, but there does not seem to be a start capacitor. There is only a relay and an overload protector. So am I correct in assuming that there is no capacitor and only a relay for starting?

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