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C-17A 11-12-2017 09:33 AM

Need Kenmore Freezer Advice

I have a 3 year old Kenmore upright 12.1 cu. ft. freezer in my garage. Model # 253.28262805

Recently I noticed it seemed to be "short cycling" between run and off. It would come on for maybe 3 to 10 seconds and shut off. Then, within a minute or two it would repeat the short cycling... Sometimes much sooner.

In the past it seemed to simply come a good while (at least several minutes or more) then shut off for a good while (at least several minutes or more).

It freezes just fine, normally holding between 7F and 10F inside temp even at the first setting of the internal thermostat switch.

I became concerned this on/off short cycling might burn my compressor out or drastically shorten its life...

SO, I did some internet research and the finger seemed to point to either the start device/controller unit or the run capacitor. I simply replaced both with a brand new 216985001/297286803 run capacitor and a new 216954214 controller.

However, it seems to have changed little as to on/off cycling or run time.

Could this be normal, the short run time? Could the temperature switch/controller be bad?

What else should I check/look into?

TIA, Randy "C-17A"

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