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I have a problem that I originally though was a water inlet solenoid valve problem. Testing showed that the water

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Default Ice Maker Voltage Question
Model Number: WSF26C2EXY02   Brand: Whirlpool   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have a problem that I originally though was a water inlet solenoid valve problem. Testing showed that the water dispenser solenoid was acting properly, but the ice maker solenoid was not. When I pressed the water filler, this was causing the primary solenoid to receive an initial 120 V signal, but drop off to 60 V after a second. This drove the primary solenoid crazy.

So I'm not getting a proper signal when the ice maker calls for water. My investigations show that this signal comes from the ice maker control module. What I have found, is the my ice maker control module does not always get proper voltage from the main control board.

I have tested everything with the door shut, ice maker on, ice tray in place, etc. At times, I will get 120 V to the ice maker. Other times, it only sends like 4 V to the ice maker.

My question is, is the ice maker supposed to always have 120 V power? Does the control board power to the ice maker when the ice level sensor is "full" ? I couldn't tell from the schematics.

I have seen the ice maker spin around and function correctly, but other times, nothing. I'd like a second opinion before I replace the control board though.

Top hit at this link is the schematic and some specs. Page 4 has been a big help so far.

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