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Hello..my refrigerator has developed a problem where the door switch (that controls the light inside) no longer opens to the

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Exclamation Replacing Refrigerator Door Switch...
Model Number: 25361132102   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Hello..my refrigerator has developed a problem where the door switch (that controls the light inside) no longer opens to the correct point to allow the fridge door to push it when it closes. The switch is open too far...in that the door wont close. Instead it just pushes the switch farther up...if that makes sense. Looking at the top of the switch itself, it appears that theres a crack/broken area at the top of the switch which appears to be causing the push knob to open (pop out) too far.

I went online and ordered the replacement switch (part 240505801), and it will be coming in a few days. My question is...Is there a way for me to only remove the switch itself (ie..can it pop out for easy replacement), or do i need to unscrew the whole upper assembly from the fridge (the long plastic thing that has the fridge light bulb, temperature knob, and door switch) and drop that down to pop out the switch for replacement?

Just looking for the procedures to replace the switch. It SEEMS easy enough....

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