Freezer not freezing food. Plz help@


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So my freezer stopped keeping food frozen. It is a Frigidaire Professional (FPUS2686LF2) French door (freezer on the left). One

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Default Freezer not freezing food. Plz help@
Model Number: FPUS2686LF2   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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So my freezer stopped keeping food frozen. It is a Frigidaire Professional (FPUS2686LF2) French door (freezer on the left). One day the temperature readings started rising and I noticed the food was defrosting in the freezer. Also, no ice from ice machine. As a result the refrigerator part of the fridge is now warm also. Here are details and attempted fixes:

Cleaned off the condenser coils. Exposed the evaporator coils and noticed a block of ice on the top 1/4 of the coils. Defrosted it, bought and replaced the thermistor, and plugged it back in. The freezer/fridge eventually read 0/37F, which was great, but the temperature in the freezer did not feel cold enough to keep food frozen. And sure enough, the temperature started to rise again and they both reached 54 degrees. I can hear the compressor kicking in. And the evaporator fan and the fan by the condenser coils are functioning. Frost only appearing on the top 1/4 of the evaporator coils now. They have not frozen over again like they did when I initially thawed them.

So I called a refrigerator repair man who came out and "said" he reset the circuit board (not sure if that's even possible), and when we plugged the frig back in we waited about 45 minutes and the temperature was steadily dropping. I went to bed and in the morning it was 0/37 degrees again and the frig was cold, but I was still iffy on the freezer. Put some ice cream and frozen sausage and bacon in there, and sure enough they were defrosting about 4 hours later. But the thermostat read freezing. Repair guy SWEARS it's the circuit board, but I don't want to call him out to replace the circuit board if that's not what it is. Any thoughts? I presently have a spare old refrigerator in my garage, which is allowing me time to trouble shoot this on my own. Thanks in advance!

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