Top of fridge is warm, lower freezes everything!


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I have a fridge that is freezing cold at the bottom and warm on the top shelf. The freezer has

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Default Top of fridge is warm, lower freezes everything!
Model Number: gss25xsre ss   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I have a fridge that is freezing cold at the bottom and warm on the top shelf. The freezer has the same issue, top shelf is not freezing food. I had a local service guy in to repair it, said it was the fan in the freezer. 200$ later, my fridge is the same as before. The fan still only runs sometimes, compressor is always running. I looked online, tested the J2 connector pins 3&8, they are at 12.9V DC, however, 3&4 only read 1.8V DC even after leaving both doors open for 5 minutes. If I unplug the fridge and re-plug it, sometimes the voltage will climb on 3&4 pins to 12.9V DC and the fan starts running. Once the fridge reaches temperature the fan won't come back on except for once in a blue moon, but it does randomly come on and operate as it should, just rarely. I've lost more food than I can throw out! Any help would be much appreciated. Should I gamble the main board cost? Are there any other possible culprits?
I should mention. I have cleaned the condensor fan area, even added a fan to help cool it down. That didn't help. It's been like this for months and I'm worried that the compressor will burn out. I also checked the defrost cycle and air flow to the fridge which are fine. Seems like it's a fan issue somehow.

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Default Problem Solved

I ordered a new main board, installed it in about 5 minutes and the fridge works great. For all others with similar problems, if the fan comes on at all after unplugging for 10 minutes, then plugging it in again or leaving the doors open for 10 minutes, change the board, save the time and money, don't replace the fan first even though it's cheaper. If anyone needs a fan for this fridge, I have a used one that works just fine, apparently. Best of luck and thanks to all those that replied with information.
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