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Kenmore refrigerator Model #25370609410 was bought from sears about 2 yrs. ago. . It has started to form ice on

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Default ICE cycles in front of freezer
Model Number: 25370609410   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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Kenmore refrigerator Model #25370609410 was bought from sears about 2 yrs. ago. . It has started to form ice on top of freezer in front mostly in the middle or front & some on the door shelf on top part. It has even formed ice cycles hanging down from middle of the top of freezer just inside of where the freezer door shuts. Ice was 1/4 inch thick or so back about 5 in or so. Theirs a lot of water finding its way to the refrigerator coming out of the refrigerator air vent where fan supply's the air to refrigerator. No defrost problem. evaporator was clean no frost, no ice in drip pan, no blockage in drain hole poured hot water to make sure hole drained good.

Freezer fan motor blows & sounds good. Door gaskets are like new did the dollar bill test all around make sure was no leakage. The Ice maker went thu a cycle while i was standing there water came in no leaks the only thing was that it looked like the heater in ice maker may not of been working seems like the cubes shot out like the heater didn't heat them much or not at allwhen harvest time came.
But i don't see how that would effect the water and ice problem. That was the only problem i found that was off. lol
The water is freezing just in the front or where the door of freezer closes back about 1/4 in. or so and some on freezer door top shelf with ice cycles hanging down in front on top of freezer front... right in front of where door closes some reason its like the top of the freezer is sweating or getting moisture from some where and was draining towards the front and freezing in top front of freezer.
It has been doing this about 6 months first 1 1/2yrs. everything was fine. Refrigerator works fine cycles on / off, freezer freezes fine no problem with the operation of ref.
Got me stumped anybody got any suggestions would be highly welcome
thank you for any and all help mike

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