Freezer with ice on inside and water leakage


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I have a Kenmore Elite upright freezer that is about 3 years old. This morning it was running louder than

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Default Freezer with ice on inside and water leakage
Model Number: 25328092805   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have a Kenmore Elite upright freezer that is about 3 years old. This morning it was running louder than usual. Ice cream inside was soft so the temperature was not as low as is usually is. I used a thermocouple and measured the inside temp to be 20 F. Later in the day I remeasured the temp and it was 5 F so it is variable. The temperature readout on the front door shows -2 F all the time.

Also the drain pan was full and there was water on the floor. Finally, there were icicles (small ones) on the inside of the freezer. The outside sides of the freezer are very warm also. The compressor feels hot to me as does the condenser line coming out of it. I have checked the seal around the door with a dollar bill and cannot find any obvious gaps -it appears to be well sealed.

Up until now the freezer has run perfectly. The manual is useless and I have no detailed drawings or other information about the freezer to help me.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

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Default Update

Since yesterday the freezer has been keeping the temperature at -1 F where it should be. Since it is working now it isn't the compressor or any thing associated with cooling and also not because of a bad seal. So, I'm thinking it might be associated with the defrost cycle. Any experienced views on this? Any advise on what to look for?
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