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Have a HOTPOINT CTX18GI fridge. Automatic icemaker doesn't work, but don't know if it's the actual ice maker or any

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Default Icemaker inoperative
Model Number: CTX18GI   Brand: Hotpoint   Age: More than 10 years   

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Have a HOTPOINT CTX18GI fridge. Automatic icemaker doesn't work, but don't know if it's the actual ice maker or any of the switches. Water is going to the line from the sink plumbing via a standard small white hose. Feeds into an electric pump at the bottom right of the back of the fridge (left if you're looking at the front). Feeds a hose that goes up the back through the freezer into a spout that will shoot water into the auto ice maker. Took a glass of water and filled the resovoir in the back of the ice maker. Water fed into to the maker and froze but didn't dump into the ice bucket. I would guess the automatic icemaker is the culprit, but don't know for sure. Also don't know how to unplug the auto icemaker from the electrical plug in the freezer. Any suggestions?

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