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side-by-side. 2 issues. 1) current problem is water dispenser abruptly stopped working. light comes on. sound heard when lever is

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Default no water to dispenser
Model Number: GSL25LGRB BS   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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side-by-side. 2 issues.

1) current problem is water dispenser abruptly stopped working. light comes on. sound heard when lever is pushed in.

--checked supply line to inlet valve. free flow.
--replaced water inlet valve
--as best i could i checked lines into fridge--one is clear and about 1/4 in. OD. It appears to go to the water dispenser. The other tube is black and about half the size of the other. I have no way I know of to check the patency of either tube, except i did remove the filter and press the little black cutoff tab but no water came out. I did try blowing into both tubes, seemed to be able to blow into the black one, but the clear one was no go.
--still no water to the dispenser.

what do i do now.

2) loud, howling noise in freezer. i've already checked this out here before. recommendation was to replace the motherboard and the evaporator fan motor. I bought the parts some time ago and have been lazy and not put them in yet. the fridge is a beast to get out to work on. So, while i was trying to fix the water dispenser i took that opportunity to replace the mother board. i haven't yet replaced the fan motor, but i will. so this one is not really an issue, but i wanted to include it in case somehow it has some bearing on the first. i was careful putting the motherboard in so don't think there should be anything wrong there.

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