Resetting Didgetal tempetures on Freezer and fridge


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I Have A Ge Digital Fridge Side By Side Electronic Pad. And Need To Reset To Factory Which Is -0-

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Default Resetting Didgetal tempetures on Freezer and fridge
Model Number: GSS25KSTBSS   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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I Have A Ge Digital Fridge Side By Side Electronic Pad. And Need To Reset To Factory Which Is -0- 37--. Mine Is The One That Has 'actual Temp And Set Temp" Below The Ulliminator-- Live In Florida, We've Had A Bunch Of Power Outages And I Just Noticed Last Wednesday The Refrigerator Is Warmer Then Usual. 40's So Need To Reset Think Power Outtage Knocked It Out...or Could Be Something Wrong...fans-..maybe A Sensor-1 Or 2 Not Sure But I Can Hear Something Working...its Very Quiet..no Noises..can Get Very Cold On Both Sides So I Know Generator Is Working, Thinking Its A Temp Sensor Possibly? I Just Want To Get It Set Correctly Back To Factory & Then See What It Does..
I Watched A Couple Videos Trying To Reset. One Says To Put Both Fridge & Freezeer At 5--- I Can Get Freezer To Number 5 But Fridge Goes Only As Low As 34-- If I Push All Four Warm Or Cool Buttons It Flashes -0- Then I Tried Putting In 1 In Freezer And 5 In Refridg.. That Is Suppose To Bypass The Electronic Pad Incase Its Not Working Right.. And Then Go Back To Factory. I See Instructions To Force It To Defrost Incase Thats A Issue But Havent Tried That Yet...
Another Video I Watched Said To Unplug 30 Seconds, Then Set As Warm Until It Switches To -off-and Blinks. I Did That Too.
I Am Getting Confused And Doing Something Wrong. And Really Not Sure Which Video Is For This Fridge Because I Don't Know Which Series It Is....last Week I Thought I Had It Right Got It To -0- In Freezer And 38 In Fridge.( But So Confused I Dont Recall How I Did It ) Lol.then It Started Getting Warmer..slowly. I Checked Vents In Fridge And They Are Not Blocked..but My Freezer Is Really Full Packed. I Am Wondering If Something Is Blocking The Freezer So Its Not Cooling The Fridge. But Once I Got It To 37--then Screwed It Up.. I Bought This Used From Orig People At 14 Mos Old Have It About 6 Years. Built I Think 2006-- Don't Know Which -series-.but Model #gss25kstbss--- .. I Need To Figure Out How To Reset Back To Factory? I Can Hear The Fan Come On At Times. And It Can Get Very Cold..then Creeps Up. (slowly) I'm Not Sure Which Video Is My Fridge..but One Said For The "actual And Set Temp" And I Did That One. Online It Says The Cheapest Way To Fix Might Be A Sensor Which Is 6.50 And I Can Find Someone To Put That In, If Needed...i Also Read There Might Be Two In Fridge Area?? Another Video Said For Freezers That Go To #9 Which Mine Does..no Higher In Freezer...i Cannot Get "both" At 5-5 To Do A Diagnostic..but I Do Get The Flashing -zer0's- And Then I Try To Reset.. Have Tried To Bypass Digital Pad Thinking It Would Work No Luck So Far...i Am Getting Confused Been Doing This A Few Days.
Local Lady Said To Unplug For 45 Minutes Then Replug And It Will Automaticially Reset Back To Factory...but The Videos Don't Give A Time Line..
.except 30 Seconds. To Unplug? ..the 2nd Video A Little Different Says To Get The -off - Then Push Colder Once...then Push Another (not Cold Or Warmer Button) And It Will Flash Which It Did...but Today Still At Same Temp...so Didnt Work..i Know I Am Doing Something "wrong" When Trying To Reset It. Another Instruction Said To Unplug 30 Seconds. Get The -off- To Flash Then Push Colder Once...then Unplug And Replug In ?? Tried That Too...can Someone "pleaseeee" Give Me Easy One By One Instructions On How To Reset This Stupid Appliance Lol ...i Cannot Afford Repair At 90.00 To Come In..i Am A Widow On Limited Income . And Cant Afford To Loose My Food....freezer Has To Much In It I Think Too...help Me Please....blessings....sue Thanks To Whom Ever Can Help Me...greatly Would Appreciate It...
Oh And I Did Clean All Dust Off Back And Grand Son Cleaned Under Neath Was Spotless...nothing , No Dirt..thought Maybe Coils Were Dirty> Nope....should I Try Forcing It To Defrost? Not Sure What To Do Now???? Any Ideas....wish My Husband Was Alive, He Would Know..(sigh)

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