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rggcharles 10-23-2009 11:48 PM

How do you unplug icemaker cable from refig wall
I have a icemaker that stopped working, but by wiggling the cable at the white module on the black wire it will run. Apparently a loose connection here. I need a new cable, but cannot figure out how to disconnect from wall of refig. There are four wires at this connector. from the top they are black, white, tan? and green. in a vertical line up. The connector is a rectangle with rounded corners and is white.

The cable at the icemaker end has these numpers on a tag: 2187474 and 43005103.
Also can I buy this cable seperatly from the icemaker and are the above no's correct?

The p/n on the icemaker is MX-N 21 40611-2.

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