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Gary Prentice 12-29-2013 11:28 PM

Refrigerator "Beeping"
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From out of nowhere, my Samsung RF266AEPN refrigerator has started beeping intermittently. The beep tone is the same as the one which occurs when the door is left open too long, but now in a different sequence or "cadence." This beeping is occurring when the doors are closed. The doors were not left open, the unit did not heat-up in any way, and the compartment temperatures have remained at the suggested levels.

There are two LED readouts on the top of the fridge that become visible when the doors are open. The left side is for the freezer, the right side is for the refrigerator. They are for setting and monitoring the individual compartment temperatures. I have noticed that as part of the beeping phenomenon, that on the freezer-side readout, a small icon appears and disappears that almost looks like the shape of a "cup", and has printed inside it the words: "ice off". This unit has never been connected to a water source, and consequently has never been used to make ice. I have tried pressing the freezer-side readout button also called "ice off," to try to see if this would stop the beeping, but to no avail. The compartment temperatures are right where they are supposed to be ... -2F for the freezer and 38F for the fridge. For whatever it's worth, the beeping seems to have an approximate 30-second interval, followed by an approximate two minute interval.

Please see the attached digital photos that show the version of the LED panel I have, and the "ice off" icon that keeps appearing & disappearing.

Can anyone tell me how to make this beeping stop? Thanks so very much - and Happy Holidays!

Gary Prentice

clhbontheroad 12-31-2013 06:58 AM

Things have changed with my musical fridge. Now the "beeping" comes randomly - there can be an hour or more between occurrences, but when they come it is like listening to a calliope. It is really quite musical! Still no problems with cooling, or any other signs of malfunction.

To all the great people out there in the appliance world, please help me get this diagnosed & fixed. I sure appreciate any suggestions you may have.

Happy New Year!

Gary Prentice

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