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danplaysbass 09-28-2013 02:40 PM

Leak at Water Filter Interface
Hi Guys,

This fridge is the french door type with the bottom freezer.

The water filter installs between the two drawers and above the long deli drawer. Its a long cylindrical filter with two rings where you push it in and rotate clockwise to lock it in place.

I noticed water pooling in the deli drawer and was able to see that it was leaking where the filter interface is. I removed the filter as this unit has the auto bypass option where it can bypass the filter interface and still work. I believe this works so that when the filter is locked in it pushes two spring loaded pins that allows the water to flow into and out of the filter. When no filter is there the springs push it closed so water bypasses it.

Now with the filter removed I am seeing leakage from the bottom pin. Thoughts?

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