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Aleste 01-31-2013 04:51 AM

GE Side by side icemaker not working
Hi, again. Technician in training... An icemaker model 200D1181G013 is not making ice. At first I could hear the motor working by trying to move the ejector rake which seemed to be stuck in the middle of the ice (it was basically all iced over like one big chunk of ice. The light was blinking. I tried turning the icemaker SPDT switch on and off and thats when I heard the motor starting then winding down. Then, I could no longer hear the motor sound. My common sense told me that it was just stuck so I defrosted it . Afterwards, I put it back and when it was filled with water, only a little would go into it, Now I hear no mtor sound and the light doesn't blink but is just ON (static?)

1. I recently bought a new water line for the Refrigerator (only needed a foot) but it's like 10 ft long or something. Would this much Xtra slack cause a short icemaker water fill?
2. Why did I hear it wind down?
3. Can this model be jumped ex. T-H contacts??? I couldn't see any contacts.

Major appliance is kicking my ass but I like to learn. I'm 17 months into the program :) Thanx so much in advance.

Aleste 01-31-2013 05:51 AM

BTW can you please tell me the name of the spray can that can freeze a refrigerator thermostat so it can be tested any time? I saw a tech use this method in a video at appliance assistant .com

please answer guys... :)

Aleste 02-04-2013 06:10 AM

help a brother out :)

Help a brother out :)

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