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redram99v8 01-30-2013 09:20 AM

Kenmore Water Valve/Ice maker ???
Any Ideas? I have a Kenmore Ice Maker that has been giving me trouble. It stared a month ago when I switched out the water filter. My water flow rate slowed down and I assumed the filter was bad I waited about 3 weeks and no difference. The ice machine began making little ice cubes but only small ones and even then 2 to 3 cubes when there is a 8 tray ice maker. Yesterday I replaced the filter with a fast fill "pur" filter. The previous new one was not a fast fill "pur" filter. The water rate did increase a little but still not to a flow rate I had before. Also the ice machine showed no difference and still was making little to no ice. After doing some research I did the optics test for the Ice maker P.C. board and it showed it was bad. So I replaced both sides of the P.C. board yesterday and WHAM the ice machine started making Full Size Ice cubes but still only 5 at a time when there is 8 cubes. I Have watched the water flow into the ice maker when it fills and seems to be slow to me. Also My in door water dispenser is still slower then it was when all this started last month. So this makes me think the water valve. However here is the questions that have me wondering is it the valve. If I take the "pur" filter out. The water rate is fast and flows through the in door water dispenser at a fast rate which has me thinking, IS ??? this truly the water valve problem? Also the water dispenser in the door has a small drip in it from time to time after using it that continues for some time after using it. Not enough to spill on the floor but enough to fill the back of the drip tray which makes me think that IT is the water valve. I just dont want to spend $75 dollars on a new valve if it is not going to make a difference. Can anyone help?


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