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Mike S 02-04-2008 12:09 AM

Missing tech sheet
I am trying to repair a problem with my water dispenser. No power to solenoid valve. The tech sheet is missing and need a schematic to find the problem with the wiring. I tested the micro switch in the door and it has continuity. There is a purple 14 ga. wire on the switch and a 14 ga. light blue with a dark blue stripe that is common to the ice maker switch. they go into the top of the frig. coming out the back of the frig. is a tan 12 ga. wire which goes to the solenoid. other side of the solenoid is a white wire coming from the power cord. I am pretty sure that the solenoid is bad but I have not tested the continuity. Any ideas on the problem or where to get a tech sheet. Thanks Mike

richappy 02-04-2008 04:16 AM

You have a dual water solenoid, the small tube output goes to the ice maker, the larger one goes to the door dispenser. Stick 115 volts to the terminals near the thicker tubing and check for water flow at the dispenser, if ok you have wiring problem, if not you probably have a bad solenoid, verify that by pulling the tubing off the valve and testing again.

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