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My side by side that I obtained second hand ~6 yrs ago stopped cooling and was emitting a foul odor.

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Default Installing new start relay/cutoff...have questions
Model Number: 253.59683992   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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My side by side that I obtained second hand ~6 yrs ago stopped cooling and was emitting a foul odor. Unplugged unit and examined the compressor/relay/capacitor area. Found the capacitor to check out good on capacitance meter, 20 uF. Found relay module to have an area of melted plastic that smelled like what we were noting. When removed from the compressor it rattled when shook. Took pictures and noted where the only 2 wires going into the module were located, a blue and a red. (Also has 2 blade connectors for the cap.)Tested pins on compressor and I have continuity on all, ( did not check resistance) but I take that to mean windings are all intact. Purchased start relay-cut off kit 5304410951. Installed cutoff on lowest single pin and relay on the upper 2 pins. Since no wiring diagram is found anywehere on or in the unit, I drilled out the brass rivet and opened the old burnt relay module. I have determined that my red wire attaches to the single terminal on the cutoff and that my blue wire attaches to one terminal of the cap. I apparently need to make a jumper, ( kit came with no instructions or jumpers) to go from the other terminal on the cap, to attach to what terminal on the relay? There are 2 on each side, ( one is very short and unusable). I have not yet checked but I am guessing that the 2 on one side are connected and same for the 2 on the other side thus really only 2 terminals, but still, which side do I attach the jumper from the cap to?Do I need another jumper somewhere? Does what I have written sound correct?
Thank you for any assistance you can provide!

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Remove the two pin start device and hold it with the input two spade terminals facing you and the tab on top.
With an ohmeter, measure resistance between either input terminal to either output compressor, round terminals.
The input terminal that measures near zero ohms to one output terminal AND 4- 5 ohms to the other output terminal gets one of the fridges power wires, the other one goes to the overload klixon, a thin, one terminal item.The output pin that gets 4-5 ohms to one compressor terminal identifies that as the start compressor pin. That pin is ALMOST allways on the bottom,left. (To confirm, measure resistance between the common compressor terminal and the other terminals. The one with the higher resistance is the start terminal.). The other input terminal MUST measure near zero ohms to the other output terminal and NO (open) resistance to the other output terminal
The run capacitor must be wired between the two OPPOSITE input start device terminals. You will need to splice together the power wire and one of the capacitor wires to facilitate this.
Be carefull here, if you wire it wrong, you will burn out the compressor.

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