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wem 12-06-2012 01:00 PM

The Freezer Section & Evaporator is freezing up.
The Timer, Defrost Heater & Defrost Thermostat has been replaced.
The Defrost Heater is not coming on after the Defrost Timer is in Defrost Cycle.
A 110/220/ volt test light is bright at the 2 orange & white defrost thermostat wires.
The tester is half the brightness at the 2 Defrost Heater connectors.
Please provide any suggestions on how to make the Defrost Heater come on?

Simon / APP Team 12-06-2012 01:44 PM


Your refrigerator has a basic defrost system. Defrost timer, defrost thermostat, defrost heater and harness.
You need a multimeter to test this components.
Slowly turn the defrost timer shaft CW until it stop the compressor, make sure the defrost thermostat is closed, then the heater should come on.
Is the evaporator fan works?
Can you post the picture of the frozen evaporator?

Here are the breakdown diagrams and Freezer Section parts for GE GTS18WCPFRWW -


wem 12-06-2012 02:03 PM

Hi Simon,

No I cannot post a picture, the evaporator was frozen up like Antartica. It look about 1 hour to defrost with a 1875 watt hair dryer.

wem 12-06-2012 02:05 PM

Hi Simon,

The fan & compressor comes on after the defrost cycle is finished.
When the Defrost time clicks when turning , the Heater does not come on.

I cannot send a picture.

Simon / APP Team 12-06-2012 04:17 PM

Set the fridge to defrost, unplug it, bypass the defrost thermostat and turn the fridge on.

Does the heater comes on? If not - check if there is 120VAC at the heater contacts.
If no proper voltage go to the defrost timer, unplug it and while it set to defrost check continuity between 3-2 and 3-1. If no continuity - replace the timer again.

Post the results.


wem 12-07-2012 05:13 AM

Hi Simon,

The Heater comes on after bypassing the thermostat. I have an extra themostat, how to test the Theromstat to see if it is good to install.

Simon / APP Team 12-07-2012 10:52 AM


Put the thermostat in the glass of ice water with crashed iced for 10min, then check if there is continuity between its contacts. If it's open that means it's bad.


wem 12-07-2012 01:54 PM

Hi Simon,

Yes, the Thermostat was Bad, replaced it, Works Great. You are the Best!

Simon / APP Team 12-08-2012 12:48 AM

I know, just kidding.

I'm very glad that you fixed the problem. Good team!

Thank you.


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