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I have a Kenmore Model: 795.65002402 (made by LG with the 795 prefix, I presume), bottom freezer. Symptoms : Everything

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Old 09-26-2009, 06:22 PM
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Default Kenmore - Freezer Cold / Fridge warm
Model Number: 795.65002402   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 1 - 5 years   

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I have a Kenmore Model: 795.65002402 (made by LG with the 795 prefix, I presume), bottom freezer.

Everything works fine on the default fridge / freezer settings set on 4 and 4. Approximately 24 hours after operation it will trigger a "Poor of Defrost" [sic] with the error code 5-6-7 LEDs lit on the freezer control panel.

If it's allowed to operate any much longer than that, the fridge will stop getting cool air and start warming up. The freezer will remain cold with no apparent issues.

While the fridge is operating fine, the temp is about 38 F.

Pulling the back panel off the freezer portion shows light frost evenly on the evaporator coils.

No other faults indicated.

The Failure Diagnosis table states (verbatim):
Contents: 2hours later After starting defrost, If sensor doesn't be over 46 F (8 C).
Remarks: Snapping of defrost heater or Temperature fuse, pull-out of Connector (indicated minimum 2 Hours after failure occurs)
OK, whatever the heck that means -- I think I need a translator to translate the translation.

- Ran Test 1 and Test 2, no apparent errors indicated. Though it's hard to be certain, because the Technical Data manual has great sentences like this: "It reset if you do again as clause."

- Tested the defrost heater and it read 36 Ohms

- Fan from the freezer to the fridge (by the evaporator) is operating and blowing air into the top.

- After letting the unit sit for 24 hours, it repeats the same behavior as stated in the "Symptoms" section of this post.

- Unplugging and plugging the unit back in after the error code will reset the controls back to the default settings, but the error code will come back after a short time.

I read through a ton of posts and was able to get this far. Hopefully someone might have an idea on what to check next.



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Old 09-30-2009, 08:37 AM
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Default An update...

After looking around a little bit more, I think I might have found a problem.

There is a defrost control assembly next to the evaporator coils just above the defrost heater that I took and and tested.

Image link here

It looks like the red and brown wire go through a 10 amp fusible link. When checking continuity between the red and the brown wire, it indicates an open with an infinite Ohms reading.

When checking continuity between the two orange wires, it shows a 15.1K Ohm reading at room temp. and around 50.0K Ohm reading at freezer temp.

Just curious if anyone has had any experience with this part. On the surface it would appear defective (open between the red and brown), but would like get a second opinion.


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