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GSD 11-06-2012 11:46 AM

Wiring a whirlpool compressor
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Hi, I didnt know where I should post this so decided under refrigerator might be my best shot.
I am trying to convert an older tank air compressor into a more silent duty compressor using a refrigerator compressor unit.
The unit is brand new (CL find) and its model number 4387779 Whirlpool, the unit came with a start relay, overload as well as a run capacitor.
The question I have is how to wire the supply voltage to the unit.
Any help would be appreciated as I didnt pull the unit from an existing refrigerator.
The start relay and overload were pretty simple as to how they connected just dont know what teminals to use for supply power and where capacitor plugs in.
I live high up in the rockies and there are no real appliance repair services up here.
I have attached a scan of the wiring diagram but not enough info for me to go by.

rickgburton 11-07-2012 02:58 AM

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There are 2 wires going to the compressor. Connect one wire to the terminal on the overload. Connect the other wire to the relay terminal over the run windings (Top Right). A run capacitor isn't necessary but if you want to add it, connect it between the start windings and run windings on the relay.

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